Baez Party Productions
General Information and Policies
*Reservations- To inquire about any products we have available, please contact us.  You may contact us either through
email, fax, phone, or simply fill out the information requested on our
Contact Us page.  If you are interested in a specific
type of product that you do not see online, please notify us so we may accommodate your needs.  When confirming an
event, a deposit & signed contract is required to ensure the availability of the products requested, and your party/event
date.  If there is no
*Delivery & Pick Up-  All products are delivered in a timely manner.  We arrive approximately thirty minutes before the
event or at the time of your request.  We occasionally deliver some items the night before to conform to your needs in
preparing to decorate for your event.  Only accept and return rental items to Baez Party Productions staff.  Identify
through staff uniform.  If you ever have any doubts, contact us immediately.  You are responsible for any rental items
that are in your possession. Please do not abandon the rental items.  Anything that is missing will be your responsibility.  
A delivery fee is applicable to all events. If the unit is picked up in a condition that is different from when we delivered-
filled with mud, dirt, candy stuck to the equipment or other stains, a cleaning fee may be applicable, depending on the
condition of the bounce house.  
*Operating Equipment- All products, whether they are concession machines, Inflatables, or tables and chairs, are sanitized
and ready for use.  All inflatable units are delivered to you with a verbal explanation on how to use.  All Inflatables have
guidelines in which clients must adhere to, to ensure the safety of all adults and children using the unit.  If you should
encounter a problem with the unit, immediately step out of the inflatable in a calm and orderly manner.  
DO NOT allow
anyone to enter the unit.  Check connections and possible house breaker.  If there is no resolution, contact Baez Party
Productions, and a knowledgeable and fully trained associate will arrive at your event site to assist you.  Make sure that the
area where the equipment will be near is free and clear of debris (plastic or paper bags especially) that could get into the
equipment-such as the blower, and make the unit inoperable.  

Freshness-  Any and all type of consumables, i.e. Cotton candy, snow cone syrup, popcorn, and food used and prepared
with & cooked for catering, is fresh and prepared in a sanitary manner.

Damages- If there are any damages that occur while operating an inflatable, or any other product, contact Baez Party
Productions immediately so that we may assist you as quickly as possible. If you are using an inflatable unit, simply turn off
the machine so that it may deflate.  It is
IMPERATIVE that you do not try to correct the situation yourself or continue to
operate the unit!  You may be held liable for any damages to products- stains on linens, cigarette and/or candle burns,
breakage of glass items, missing items not there at the time of collection, damage to any of our equipment.  Full
reimbursement for the products missing or damaged will be made.  

Set Up- Whether your event is taking place at home, in a banquet hall, or at a park (park name and shelter number),
please notify us of the exact location of the venue.  If the wrong address is given and extra mileage incurs, there will be an
additional fee for the difference in distance traveled.  If you are holding your event at a park and are renting an inflatable
unit, a generator is usually rented along with the equipment.  Most parks require generators to run the operation of
bouncers.  We have generators available to fit your needs. We will also need to know the approximate size as to where an
inflatable product will be in use.  Inflatable bouncers or games are to be used in an open area.  If you are aware of the size,
we will be more than happy to assist in measuring the site.  If there are items such as furniture in your event space that
needs to be moved by our team, an additional fee will be applied.  An event set up fee is applicable to
most events.  Event
set up is based on the number of guests.  For events with catering, we require 1 server for every 25 guests.  

Weather- All clients will be contacted before an event is to begin during the times of in climate weather. It is solely up to
the client to proceed with their event if they choose to.  If you decide to cancel services before the time of delivery, your
deposit will remain active on file for one year.  You will have one year to utilize the deposit for another event.  If you decide
to cancel the party after we arrive at the site, your deposit is non refundable.  If you decide to change the location after we
set up, a fee will be added to your invoice.  There are no time guarantees as to when the alternate location delivery will be-
will solely depend on the amount of deliveries we have scheduled there after.   If you decide to continue with your event,
even though the weather is inclimate, no refund will be given.

With respect to proceeding during inclimate weather,  all parties utilizing inflatable products and concession machines, must
vacate the unit immediately in a safe and orderly fashion and turn off all machines.  Machines must be places under a
shelter to avoid damage.  Inflatable blowers must be turned off as well.  This is simply to ensure the safety of all using the
#1- The company has to be licensed & insured.

#2- They should be a registered vendor with county parks & recreations department.

#3- When signing a contract, make sure the company provides safety rules and guidelines to
follow. Always read the fine print!!

#4- Make sure the equipment you receive is clean and in working condition.

#5- You as a customer should be able to reserve your
complete event with one company. This will save you money and time.

#6- The company should have flexible payment methods, such as: credit cards, checks, money
orders, & cash.

#7- They should provide you with a valid rental contract upon your reservation and an invoice
reflecting a "paid" status.
General Information & Policies
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